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Student Support Programs

The STARS room is available for students who need extra support for academic classes. This room provides a smaller classroom setting with more one-on-one support. This room is open during all blocks of the day. Please contact Mrs. Illingworth for more information and/or to see if this would be a good fit for your child(ren). 

The Student Support Aboriginal Room is also availble for students who might need extra academic support. This room has a schedule and will be closed during some blocks. Please contact Mrs. Poetsch for further information. 

Special Education at Skaha Lake Middle School provides:  IEP planning and support, collaboration and consultation with classroom teachers and parents, academic testing, liaison between specialists (speech language pathologist, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, autism helping teacher, teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing) and students/parents, and coordination of certified education assistants.  SLMS is an inclusive environment that provides everyone with the supports they need to be a fully participating member of our learning community. Please contact Mr. Rand for further information.
Learning Assistance  is collaboration and consultation with all members of the school community to promote and support differentiated instruction at the classroom level. SLMS is an inclusive environment that provides all students with the supports they need to be a meaningful and active participant within the learning community. Please contact Mrs. Scramstad for further information.