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Aboriginal Education Program

Hello, Way', Tawanshi, Ullaakuut,

The Aboriginal Education Department in SD67 offers various supports and opportunities for students of Aboriginal ancestry.  

Our goal is to enhance educational, social, and cultural opportunities for all Aboriginal students.

 Some of the optional highlights of participating in the ABED program include: 

  • Unique cultural opportunities
  • In-class Support
  • Advocacy
  • In-school program opportunities
  • Scholarship, bursary, and post-secondary and community program opportunities


The Aboriginal Education department employs Aboriginal Educational Teachers, Support Workers, a Cultural Coordinator, and a Family Support Worker that support all students of Aboriginal ancestry who are enrolled in our district.

We, Jolanda Poetsch (Aborginal Support Worker), Adrian Friesen (Aboriginal Support Worker), and M (Aboriginal Youth and Family Counsellor) look forward to supporting all of our Indigenous students and their families in our building.  


Limlemt, Marci, Kowyanami, Thank-you,

Mrs. Poetsch, Mr. Friesen 


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- Richard Armstrong