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Lunch Time Activities

If students are looking for activities to join in on during lunch they are encouraged to seek out these options! 
Do you like fine Arts or music? 
  • Art Club on Monday in room 207 (see Ms. Buckley)
  • Guitar Club on Monday in room 203 (see Mrs. Bates)
  • Practice your band instrument (see Mr. Schlackl)
Do you like athletics?
  • Open gym in the winter (see Mr. Orioli)
  • Various sports in the field during the fall and spring
  • Playground outside
  • Ping Pong in the Common Area during winter months (see Mr. Tenisci)
Do you want to be a leader or be involved more in our school?
  • Yearbook in room 203 (see Mrs. Goessman)
  • Student Support in the Aboriginal Room (see Mrs. Poetsch)
  • Cultural Room activities (see Mrs. Poetsch)
Do you like to read or play games?
  • Library is open during lunch hour (see Mrs. Finlayson)
  • Games Club in the Library (see Mrs. Scramstad)